Responsible Party is a pan-European campaign to raise awareness among students about responsible drinking and contribute to the reduction of excessive and inappropriate consumption of alcohol among youth.

Even if at first glance it doesn't sound exciting, Responsible Party is fun and a great label to enrich your parties!

It's about smart and simple tips helping you and your friends to really enjoy the party: making the night last longer while staying in good shape, avoiding excessive drinking and its dangerous consequences, situations you would regret... etc.

Responsible Party is a program run across Europe, more than 116 000 students have already experienced it!

Curious to know more about Responsible Party? On, you will find all the useful tips for a safe night out, the myths about alcohol and its effects, interesting articles, news and pictures of the parties and much more.

Let's get the Responsible Party started!

Why to get involved?

Responsible Party is a campaign that requires very little from sections, the concept can be added to any party or event that you are organising. In addition, there potentially many benefits and outcomes for both your section and exchange students, such as:

  • Consider the welfare of exchange students and offer them advice and support at parties to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyrable experience.
  • You can offer more services to your students through the information provision and Responsible Party gadgets.
  • Develop a positive public image with the media, other organisations and city in which you are based.
  • Improve relations with your university, International relations office and Students’ Union by demonstrating the responsible nature and considerate behavior of your section towards the students and local community.
  • Support and guidance offered by ESN and Pernod Ricard. You will receive information, material support, access to the website and advice from experts to help you when organising Responsible Parties
  • No extra work. The concept of the Responsible Party doesn’t require you to organise specialist parties, it is about making all parties responsible and promoting a more healthy and considerate approach towards alcohol consumption. The main role of sections at aResponsible Party will be visibility.

What do you get?

  • Official Documentation: A Press kit, a sample of partnership agreement, order forms for gadgets and PR material, evaluation grids for exchange students and guidelines for how to use the website.
  • Website: You have full access to the Responsible Party website ( with information about safe alcohol consumption and tips to organise a responsible party. There is also the opportunity to share your photos and success stories of theResponsible Parties to gain more visibility for your section, whilst promoting the project.
  • A communication campaign: There are posters for the campaign and a mascot that can be used to promote positive messages about responsible behavior at parties.
  • Responsible Party materials: Free gadgets and PR material is provided to all sections organising a Responsible Party. For the organisers there are: t-shirts, bags, and baseball caps. There are also gadgets and other materials to distribute such as: stress balls, condoms, breathalysers etc.
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